Take Away Ideas From Teachers.


  1. The modules prepared by ETMA have set a stage for the students to discover and construct knowledge on their own.
  2. Emphasis of the modules on the testing and application of the knowledge acquired by the students is appreciable.
  3. Focus of the modules (module 3) on identifying child’s talent based on the child’s multi-dimensional personality provides a scope to the teachers to move away from the traditional methods of teaching learning process.
  4. Collaborative learning exercise for the students is a step forward for the wholesome development of the child as proposed by ETMA.
  5. On line tests for assessment of co-scholastic, co-curricular skills, values attitudes is a praiseworthy step as it reduce the burden of the teachers to a great extent.


The programme consisted of video modules which were thought busters and interesting too. The theory of multiple intelligence symbolize that educators should recognize and teach to a broader range of talents and skills. It helps me to organize effective teaching strategies. It identifies areas of aptitude, interest, attitudes and value system of child.


  1. Concept of effective interaction between students and teacher is helpful in classroom in teaching and learning. From these Modules we can make children more concern towards the school environment.
  2. Teachers should identify different qualities of children in their daily routine. It will help the teachers to inculcate different values and Life skills. National economic growth is depend on our youth if the youth is capable and powerful so we can achieve the targets.
  3. We need to watch the children and see their attitude and also ensure that they pay full attention towards the class and teacher. Education aims at making children capable of becoming, productive and useful for the society.
  4. The concept of good student is generally treated on marks but we should change this type of evaluation and creative students should also be treated as good students. We use the traditional method of evaluation to evaluate the student but from these module we can see that different type of new evaluation method is more effective for education.
  5. From these modules we can see that the Child is a joint responsibility of teacher and parent and we should see whether children are comfortable with relation and we have to act according to the needs of our children.


Yes, I was very satisfied with the explanation of the important terms associated with CCE. I tried to understand important theories of learning and the concept of CCE. As a teacher, I would like to express my view that such concept should be adopted to enhance the teacher’s learning process and for the all-round development of the child. This approach would definitely contribute towards a better future of the nation “India”.


I have found the following points/ideas the most important in the CCE modules:

  • Module 3: Multiple Intelligence– Multiple intelligence is the most important factor that must always be kept in mind. Each child has some specific intelligence that has to be drawn out and developed. Each child is a unique identity. The teacher’s role is very significant in drawing out the best in the students and developing their inner qualities. Each intelligence has to be judged well and given due respect.
  • Module 4: Creative Thinking – CCE gives stress on the creative thinking on the part of the students. There are so many projects and activities that are conducted under CCE and these tasks give the students ample chances to develop creative thinking. This creative thinking helps the children a lot in their practical life.
  • Module- 4: Social and Emotional Skills – CCE is really a wonderful tool to develop social and emotional skills among the students. So many activities are conducted under CCE and these activities help the children to be socially skilled and also help them to behave in a particular ways in particular situations. They manage their emotions well.
  • Module-8: Standardized Tests – This module makes us acquainted with the standardized tests that can be used as the wonderful tools to judge the students. The teacher can choose the tool according to his rationality and make their use for the students.
  • Module-10: PTP for Holistic Development- Really Parents Teacher Partnership plays the most significant role in the all round development of the students. The parents know the real performance of their children and they are able to take the right steps in order to bring about the desired change among the students.


From Module 1 i liked the group activity portion given to the students by teachers which not only engage maximum number of students in the activity but also motivates the students to participate in different parts of the activity. By this not only the brilliant students are benefited but also the average students get the opportunity to learn new things which they might not be able to do on their own.

CCE not only emphasis on scholastic activities but also include co-scholastic and extra co-curricular activities which helps in the overall development of the students. Sometimes we see that some students are average in studies but do well in other activities like sports or music. So I found this thing a very good point in CCE.

From Module 2 the point about the planning on the behalf of teachers also draws my attention. As the proper planning of whatever you are going to teach in the class helps the teacher to improve the strategies and also helps a teacher to maintain focus. A lesson plan lets a teacher track progress and problems. Simply we can say a properly prepared lesson plan can increase the teacher’s motivation, productivity work engagement and satisfaction. As sometimes teachers do not get proper feedback from the students or the tests, it’s incredibly hard for teachers to know how they are doing- but creating lesson plan helps them to know their mistakes and missteps and obviously helps the teacher to overcome them.

In Module 1 one more point I liked is the mutual interaction among the students as well as with the teacher through different activities in which they are involved during a lesson.

I would like to further adopt flexible examination pattern which is able to judge a child from different backgrounds at their own level of growth and enrichment while study in the same class especially for children admitted under RTE.

I will be glad to use the standardized online and offline tests to evaluate the skill development among students in order to save time while maintaining records.


ETMA has taken a very fruitful step to clarify the doubts regarding CCE pattern. The problems faced by the teachers during the teaching learning processes have been solved in an effective way. The terms associated with CCE has been clarified to greater extent .but the programme should be observed more times for better clarification.



From this module we understand the basic concept of C.C.E. By this module we think that education doesn’t mean bookish knowledge. Education aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive and useful members of the society.

It is in the classroom that learners can analyse and evaluate their experiences, learn to doubt, to question, to investigate and think independently. In traditional schooling, the education was teacher centred, subject and class teacher directed and it checked the memory and competitive feelings. But now the education has become student centred, self directed and it is based on the continuous evaluation and it encourages the critical and creative thinking .So by applying these qualities we enrich and empower our school.

Module 2

From module 2,  we liked that CCE gives a recognition to each and every child and it enhances the dignity of the child and if we have a broader perspective then we can easily implement it and we can make sure that we must maintain  the quality of creation and innovation . If we apply all these qualities on our students, then it leads to the holistic development of the students.


The training session was conducted on 17/1/2015 for further enlightening the teacher on the effective use of multimedia with regard to CCE.

CCE has been implemented few years back but as this new system is very different from the previous methods of assessment, there was a need for clarifying many doubts regarding its effective implementation.

The trainers very well diagnosed the doubts of the teachers and gave all the clarifications needed by the teachers. We were shown videos of some of the best methods which can be used to integrate multimedia with CCE. These include innovative techniques like creating a learner friendly ambience in the classroom where each child learns at his/ her own pace and feels free to express his/her views. The teacher does not impose his/her preset ideas; instead the learner constructs knowledge out of his own creativity. CCE should encourage peer learning and peer assessment. Instead of individual excellence, it focuses on teamwork and team excellence. This fosters team spirit and group work which is very different from the earlier methods which encouraged individual betterment.

The trainers highlighted the power of multimedia in making communication easy and effective using animation and 3-D pictures. Easy availability of educative videos on internet and presenting those video with explanation by the teacher using interactive boards in the classrooms. Thus, the student can learn from the best practices used worldwide.

In the end, the teachers interacted and shared useful information regarding effective use of CCE with multimedia.


We have seen the modules on different aspect of CCE in schools. Prof. Marmar Mukhopadhyay explains the modules very well:

  • Skills & different activities are shown children are motivated and improve their self confidence, self discipline & behaviours.
  • These modules helped in understanding the potentials and intelligence of children. Main purpose of evaluation is to help the students to make improvement in basic skills and to develop right habits and attitudes.
  • These modules are very suggestive & motivational for the students.
  • Critical thinking & creative thinking are the verbal area in human life. So these feeling can be explained which will reduce negative thinking in students.
  • Encourage & motivate the ideas of a child, focus on the positive side of every child.
  • Module presents educational meaning and psychological construct & emotional skills.
  • Modules encourage teachers to take online & offline standardized test for measuring co-curricular skills.
  • In modules teachers get practical training in gathering data on each student.
  • Proper counselling and guidance by parent & the teacher can bring holistic development of students through power presentation, video, CD’s etc.


The training session was very fruitful. During this session we understood the different methods and procedures of continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

  • Through this training it got clarified the process and procedures that will be adopted for summative and formative assessment in scholastic and co scholastic areas.
  • To lay emphasis on tools and techniques of assessments.
  • How to use multimedia in an innovative way for learning teaching process among students and what will be the benefit in future was discussed.
  • Group activity to be designed according to the mental ability of the children in the class.
  • We need to look at the holistic assessment of a learner which also includes co-scholastic area of life skills, attitudes and values.