Education in India : The Dynamics of Development

Editor:  Marmar Mukhopadhyay, Madhu Parhar

There was a massive turn of events in education in the late 1990s, Particularly with the emergence of right-wing BJP led NDA in power. Editors took a fresh look at the dynamics of development of Indian education based on their experience in Indian Education: Development since Independence.

Several major institutions like CABE, ACC, etc. were adapted to suit political exigencies of cultural nationalism during the new regime. There was no qualitative shift in the regime that succeeded. CABE was resurrected, but stuffed with ‘one-dimensional’ intellectuals. Obedience to political and bureaucratic masters was preferred over academic excellence for the leadership positions in higher education institutions. School curriculum shuttled between ‘left’ and the ‘right’ leaving students’ interest in the back burner. Anti-reservation agitation by bright students were met with water cannons, ‘lathis’ and gun shots when traders agitation was greeted with tears across party lines. A dangerous trend of ‘utter politicalisation’ of education was set in motion. This dynamics need to be captured.

There are 15 chapters; a chapter each on elementary education, adult education, education of the scheduled castes and tribes, secondary education, higher education, technical education, women’s education, inclusive education, educational technology, teacher education, media in education, distance education, and educational financing. These chapters have been preceded by a chapter each on a critical overview of development of education since independence, and evolution of educational policies in India.

Chapters have been contributed by a few of the outstanding specialists like C. R. Mitra, Sachchidananda, Sudhanshu Bhusan, H. S. Bhola, Amarjeet Sinha, JL Azad, Manju Narula, Gauri Shrivastava, Kailash Khanna, Madhu Parhar and Marmar Mukhopadhyay.

The book has been published in 2007 by Shipra Publications, tel. 91-11-65277210/22500954