Leadership for Institution Building in Education Revised 3rd Edition

Cover Leadership for Institution Building in Education

Editor:   Professor Marmar Mukhopadhyay

Science of organizational leadership is largely drawn from leadership research   in for business and industry. Though we learn from such research, educational leadership deserves separate attention since ‘Education’ is a human intensive enterprise.


All in the leadership positions in educational institutions are not leaders, only few are. They transform and ‘build institutions’ through sustainable process capabilities. However, institution builders are not necessarily aware about how do they achieve what they achieve.  They are instinctively creative.  Their ‘ways and means need to be documented.


This book carries, for the first time in India, case studies on institution building in 15 school and higher education institutions multiple case-analysis provides the pattern of leadership that makes something uniquely ‘Indian Educational Leadership’. This book portrays Indian theory on educational leadership.


The book will be found useful by researchers and people in leadership positions in educational institutions. It is specially recommended to heads of schools, regional and national institutions and universities.




The book has been published in 2014 by Shipra Publications, Tel. 91-11-65277210/22500954;