Indian Education: A Developmental Discourse.

Final Cover-Indian Education

Editors:   Professor Marmar Mukhopadhyay & Professor Madhu Parhar

So far as education is concerned, India has come a long way since independence, especially after inheriting 81% illiterate population with skeletal institutional framework and wide spread poverty. With massive expansion at all levels of education, she has significantly advanced access to education for vary large mass of people. With several schemes and programmes for the educationally deprived people in the country coupled with enlarged institutional network, she has enhanced equity. Quality continues to be a serious concern in mass education though there are islands of quality that matches global standards. In such an arduous journey through the difficult terrains of educational development, there is a need to count the milestones where have we arrived, and how far to go. This book is the third effort by the editors in this direction since 1997.

The book presents a Developmental Discourse on Indian Education   in 18 chapters. Chapters cover multi author discourses on elementary, secondary, higher and distance education. With an expanded concept of inclusion, the book also deals with adult education, education of the disabled, women’s education and training of youth. It also brings in discourses on ICT in Education and a case study on educational reforms initiatives in Gujarat.

The chapters have been contributed by 21 distinguished scholars and specialists in their own respective fields. Some of them have given shape to India’s policies and programmes in education bringing in authenticity to the discourse. Multiple authors on the same theme have given the flair of symposia in print.

Only one of its kind, this book would be useful for the students, researchers and teachers of education, all those who have abiding interest in education; and policy makers and planners  who would  need to understand evolution of Indian education to give shape to the future policies and programmes to make India move ahead.


The book has been published in 2015 by Shipra Publications, tel. 91-11-65277210/22500954