Innovations in Professional Learning

  • ETMA conducted several pathbreaking research and innovation. ETMA is the first institution to examine how employable the teachers in service are through a pan-India study funded by ICSSR. At least 32% of teachers lack employability skills.
  • ETMA pioneered the Academic Audit of schools. It conducted the study on a large number of schools in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, UAE, and various states in India.
  • ETMA made several innovations in staff development, including teacher empowerment through the Self-regulated Self-development Model, Researcher- Practitioner Collaborative Model, Workshop Design, etc.
  • ETMA pioneered Flipped Blended Learning in India. It trained a few thousand teachers in blended learning. ETMA mentored schools that adopted Blended Learning as their pedagogical policy.
  • ETMA established a new Lean Model of Organisation. A small core staff achieves big through networking with experts and collaborating with organizations and agencies.